WE LOVE NEW FRIENDS: Mana Maoli & Hālau Kū Māna Charter School

We’re super excited to announce the arrival some sweet new merch at The Refuge with custom cuts and an awesome cause.  Each shirt goes for a $20 donation supporting music, youth, arts education, and Hawaiian culture, what more could you ask for? Founded in 1999, Mana Maoli is a collective of educators, artists, musicians, cultural practitioners, community organizers, and families, who share a common vision of, and action toward, community empowerment through community-based education and awareness, pooling and sharing of resources, and sustainability both environmental and economic, at the self and community level. Mana Maoli facilitates individual and community healing and empowerment by fostering lifelong learners who think, feel, and act in ways that are pono (harmonious, righteous); for recognizing strengths and addressing challenges as they seek positive, systemic change in their local, regional, and global communities. Their mission statement is just 3 words – Ho`okumu, Ho`okele, Ho`omana

Ho`okumu (Build grounding and foundation) — To foster a sense of esteem, stewardship, and kuleana to the ‘aina, our communities and ourselves, through grounding in the ancestral knowledges and practices of Hawai‘i and the academic skills necessary to excel in the 21st century
Ho’okele (Forge direction and connections) — To explore and inquire in ways that build upon our ancestral wisdom and bridge to other communities and cultures in a harmonious manner
Ho’omana (Provide sustenance and empowerment) — To provide sustenance and empowerment for ourselves and our communities by striving for high academic, cultural, social, environmental, and economic standards, thus nourishing all piko – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.



Hālau Kū Māna Public Charter School, founded in 1999, is a community, culture, and environment-based place of learning serving children across O’ahu in grades 6-12.  They are 100 students strong across six projects that seek to instill community and environmental stewardship while remaining academically rigorous and addressing Hawai’i Content Standards as a public school. They are at the end of our 3rd school year at their long term home in Makiki Valley just ma kai of the Hawai’i Nature Center.  Their 30-year lease encompasses 5.3 acres and has provided the school with a place to grow and develop our programs in collaboration with surrounding communities. Hālau Kū Māna’s vision is to facilitate individual and community healing and empowerment by fostering lifelong learners who think, feel and act in ways that are pono; for recognizing strengths and addressing challenges as they  seek positive, systemic change in their local, regional and global communities.

Donation Breakdown: $15 t0 Hālau Kū Māna & Mana Maoli, $5 to 808 Urban Arts Programming & Workshops

Get your shirt today & support this awesome cause! Mahalo!