This August kicks a celebration of art unlike Hawai’i has ever seen. Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i will feature 30 days of unique events designed to inspire local artists and creative individuals through entrepreneurship – providing artists the tools they need to turn their art into a business. Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i will feature creative presentations from fine painters, fashion designers, photographers, musicians, DJ’s, dancers, and all the artists in-between. Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i will spotlight rising artists at multiple events taking place all around the islands including fashion shows, galleries, expert panel discussions, live music, shopping experiences, and performance art shows. Full Schedule available here!

Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i is honored to benefiting Aha Punana Leo Hawaiian Immersion School via the efforts of The Laroa Artflow Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting arts education for youth around the world, and Groove Child Charities, a nonprofit organization inspiring Hawai’i youth to reach their full potential.


Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i will host it’s official launch event on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at 6 PM featuring live music performances, art exhibits, fashion shows, and special speeches. The official launch event for Start-up Arts Month Hawai’i will be hosted at The Fix Sports Lounge and Nightclub, a hot-spot recognized by the community for it’s commitment to Hawaii’s artists. The FIX Sports Lounge and Nightclub proudly represents the miraculous and multi-faceted renaissance happening in downtown Honolulu right now. The FIX Sports Lounge and Nightclub is located at 80 South Pauahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96813.

The Pūnana Leo Movement grew out of a dream that there be reestablished throughout Hawai‘i the mana of a living Hawaiian language from the depth of our origins. The Pūnana Leo initiates, provides for and nurtures various Hawaiian Language environments, and we find our strength in our spirituality, love of our language, love of our people, love of our land, and love of knowledge.


“It began with a dream and a commitment to persevere with our mission in mind, E Ola Ka ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i – The Hawaiian Language Shall Live. Political barriers, financial difficulties, skepticism and stereotypes were overcome so that the vision could be realized. While we celebrate the success of growing the number of students from less than 50 Hawaiian language speakers under the age of 18 to over 10,000 today, we are also mindful that the fulfillment of the vision has only just begun”. Aha Punana Leo’s mission statement.

“Our goal is to encourage the cultural and personal growth of our communities by using art as a catalyst and inspiration for change. To do this, we promote local artists, cultivate our local art scene, and support the artistic development of our youth. Through our network of artists, family and friends, we are currently sharing the Laroa Artflow throughout Maryland, California, Hawaii and Nicaragua. The Laroa Artflow organizes and promotes community-based art shows. We sponsor emerging artists and share their art with the community. We then use the proceeds from our art shows, along with the donations from the public, to fund community-based artistic development and any other deserving missions we adopt along the way”. Mark Otto, founder Laroa Artflow Foundation.


Groove Child Charities mission is to enable youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. Our goal is to encourage youth to have a greater awareness of their impact on the environment, their need for a strong education, and the value of cultural diversity.

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