Roosevelt Junior Board


808 Urban’s Roosevelt Junior Board is a collective of young volunteers and artists of Roosevelt High School.  Our team’s goal is to use public large-scale art as a way to promote community building and cultural development. We want to share our culture and history to encourage dialogue and awareness for Hawaii’s residents and business struggles. We strive to create an environment to improve the quality of life for our community. Like us on Facebook!





LAETITIA “CHIKA” – Artist & Team Leader

Born in Hawaii and raised in the Philippines, Laetitia “Chika” Mahoney is the art leader, director, and founder of the Roosevelt Junior Board.   At the age of 11 she moved to Vegas and was introduced to graffiti writing.  After moving back to Hawaii,  she got involved with 808 Urban.  Laetitia loves the culture of graffiti writing, but also loves anything that has to do with art.  She is inspired by the tags around her.  Working closely with 808 Urban founder “PRIME”, who taught her the importance of honoring her roots, Laetitia has become inspired to integrate filipino culture into her art.

MIKU – Secretary & Treasurer

CHRISTINA – Photographer, Videographer, Artist

TINA – Photographer, Videographer, Artist

JOSEPH – Artist

Joseph Pagkalinawan is a very inspired artist, and he believes that art is another language. He likes to draw and paint, but he is willing to do any kind of art. He says “The most important thing is learning.” Aside from art, he likes to play the guitar and write poetry.

EMMA – Artist

KEVIN “ROKU”- Artist

RICHIE  – Artist

BENICCA – Artist



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