Punahou Junior Board


The 808 Urban Jr. Board Punahou Division is comprised of a diverse group of high schoolers, coming together to work towards community revitalization through the arts. Our goal is to promote creativity among youth and to work with other local organizations. We want to use our skills to serve society in a positive way, and put inspiration back into the world that so inspired us to draw and paint in the first place. Like us on Facebook !


Lisa: lisa@kusaka@gmail.com


LISA  – Artist & Team Leader

Hi, my name is Lisa Kusaka, 17, junior in high school.  I started drawing when I was little (when I was 5 I had a strange obsession with ponies so that was all I drew in my kindergarten years) and it’s grown to become my biggest passion in life.  My favorite subjects are people.  My favorite pens are black fineliners.  When I’m not drawing, eating, sleeping, or studying, I like to trick at Hawaii Academy.  As of right now, I’m looking into art schools and universities with art programs, and from there, hopefully I’ll be able to turn drawing into a career.

ULUWEHI – Artist & Secretary 

My name is Uluwehi, and I live in Kaneohe. In my free time, I like drawing, taking pictures, and swimming. I also have been dancing hula for the last 10 years, and this along with our island culture is a major influence in all of my art. I hope to go to college in California (or somewhere else near the ocean!) and continue to study art and science.

CHASE  – Photographer, Videographer  

For about as far back as I can remember, I have always been pretty fascinated by urban street art. It just amazed me how people were able to get their art up in such hard to reach places like on freeway overpasses or under bridges. A few years ago I became more involved with the Hawaii Hip-Hop community and began to document and film bboys, beatboxers, MCees, and graffiti artists. Personally I think the Hawaii Hip-Hop scene is such a great thing and like to help others see that and become more understanding as to what these creative individuals are all about.

SUMMER  –  Artist

Hey, I’m Summer! I’m basically here because I love art, and I think it’s cool to be around likeminded people. I’m always up for trying new things, be it art mediums or activities, I just want to have a good time! In my own work, I mostly use pens, ’cause I love the ‘no-mess’ simplicity and availability. When I have to grow up and get a job, someday, I aspire to be a professional doodler. See ya later!

MELODY – Artist

Hi, I am Melody and I really enjoy shooting people in my free time. My camera, oil paints, and pens are my best friends. I like geometric shapes but geometry and I don’t get along too well…Intrigued and fascinated by the world, my art is a direct reflection of my thoughts. I create to inspire.

EMMA –  Artist

MAX –  Artist

JON –  Artist

COREY  –  Artist

ZADRIAN –  Artist

SAM  –  Artist

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