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Meet the visionary, unconventional, and innovative businesses, galleries, charities, organizations, events, and restaurants that are supporting at-risk youth and building the creative community of Kaka’ako and beyond:

Annual Hawaii Children and Youth Day / State Capital / Honolulu, HI 96813/ 808-586-6130 –In 1993, the Hawaii State Legislature and Governor established Children and Youth Day in Hawaii as the first Sunday of every October to celebrate and honor our children and youth and the special contributions they make to our community. After much community discussion, Act 30 of 1997 was passed to dedicate the entire month of October as Children and Youth Month in Hawaii.

295709_10150322633985922_964957320_n-1Banzai Media / 683 Auahi St / Honolulu, HI 96813 / 808-225-8582 — Michael Inouye studied English at Willamette University, with a focus in Creative Writing. A cinephile since high school, Michael finally decided to step behind the camera and made his first festival film in late 2010. He rarely speaks in the third person.

pw_banzai_03Diverse Arts Center / 604 Ala Moana Boulevard/ Honolulu, Hawaii 96814/ 808-275-7776 — A hot spot for people to get creative in a positive, supportive and productive environment. Diverse Art Center is a large network of artist from various creative industries, teamed up to facilitate classes, workshops, courses, live events, theater productions, film making and more. Diverse Art Center exists to provide creative outlets and opportunities for youth through arts, wellness, and sustainability programing; connecting them with professional performers/teachers who will inspire and nurture the development of self expression with an emphasis on character.  Sending them back into their communities as productive contributors

46221_10150324213809977_155525161_nThe Estria Foundation / 4210 Holden Street/ Emeryville, CA 94608 / 510-698-6640 — The Estria Foundation creates art in public spaces locally and globally with artists, youth, educators, and activists in order to raise awareness and inspire action in the movement to resolve human and environmental issues. The Estria Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit organization working to create social change through the creation of art. TEF was founded by Estria Miyashiro and Jeremy LaTrasse in 2010. It is dedicated to creating lasting systemic social change by empowering local communities to work collectively and participate in our global network. We work towards a society that places value on people and the environment above the accumulation of wealth.

about_headerFLUX Hawaii / 36 North Hotel Street Suite A /Honolulu HI 96817/ 808-688-8349 — a quarterly lifestyle magazine for the socially-conscious, forward-thinking demographic that features the latest in local arts and culture, as well as the social issues that establish and perpetuate our islands’ sense of place. Since 2010, our mission has been to provide an insider look into the culture of Hawai‘i, doing so respectfully and in truth, while uncovering the issues that make our islands one of the most unique places to be in the world.


Fresh Cafe x Loft in Space / 831 Queen Street/ Honolulu,HI 96813 / 808-688-8055 — The Fresh Café mission is to provide a unique gathering space for the community by offering healthy food choices and showcasing both up-and-coming and major talent in music, art and cuisine.

pw_fc_02GiRL FeST Hawai’i  /4348 Waialae Avenue #248/ Honolulu, HI 96816/ — is an all-volunteer run violence prevention organization of the Safe Zone Foundation 501(c)3. Our mission is to prevent violence against women and girls through education and art. Our goal is to change peer culture in order to prevent increasing violence against women and girls through education, entertainment and positive representation of women.

940821_532557756786625_1092611269_nHawai’i People’s Fund /949 Kapiolani Blvd Suite #100/ Honolulu, HI 96814 / 808-593-9969/ — is a publicly supported community fund established in 1972 to provide grants to progressive grassroots social change organizations working in Hawai‘i. We are a unique partnership of donors, activist grantmakers and grantees committed to positive social change and a more equitable distribution of wealth, resources and power.

Web_BannerHawai’i Drug Court / Ka`ahumanu Hale/ 777 Punchbowl Street / Honolulu HI 96813 /808- 599-3700 — “I always tell the drug court participants that since the community has invested so much in them, they have an obligation to give back to the community,” said Hilo Drug Court Judge Greg Nakamura. “The participants worked hard on this project and did give back to the community. Their work was impressive.”

drug_court_projectThe Hawai’i State Coalition Against Domestic Violence/ 810 Richards Street, Suite #960/ Honolulu, HI 96813/ 808-832-9316 — a private, not-for-profit organization formed in 1980. The HSCADV is a coalition of programs responding to the problem of spouse abuse. It is comprised of the directors of spouse abuse shelters and psycho-educational counseling programs for victims and perpetrators of spouse abuse on each of the islands, as well as the Victim Witness Assistance division of the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office and the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline.

test3_r3_c1Honolulu Night Market  683 Auahi St/ Honolulu, HI 96813– A monthly block party celebrating the best of Kaka’ako ! The market aims for an edgy atmosphere with retail, food, fashion and entertainment, Askew says, targeting everyone from  urban hipsters, families, and retirees and is committed to supporting small businesses by creating opportunities for them through different platforms.Night markets take place around the world, so, “It dawned on me that, as multicultural as we are in Hawaii, why don’t we have a night market?” says Askew. “I thought this concept could serve Hawaii and our visitors, and benefit the small-business owners crying for the opportunity to have a platform to sell their products.”

l.jpgThe Honolulu Police Department / 801 S Beretania St / Honolulu, HI 96813/ 808-529-3386 — Partnered with 808 Urban in Kuhio Mini Park Beautification Project.

942832_305482402916630_1437591766_nHo’oulu ‘Āina / call for directions / Kalihi Valley Nature Preserve/ 808 841-7504 — ‘O ka ha o ka ‘aina ke ola o ka po’e  The breath of the land is the life of the people. In the back of Kalihi valley, in the ‘ili of ‘Ouaua and Maluawai, the community unites creating a land base for health called Ho’oulu ‘Āina.  Children and elders of all cultures join to restore this land to health.  As we work to heal the land, we find that we, too, are healed.  Working together brings us closer to each other, the land, our cultures, and ourselves.

img_2356II Gallery / 687 Auahi St / Honolulu, HI 96813 / 808-343-0240 — a temporary pop-up construct, represents indigenous and international perspective in art, sculpture and mixed media through one-person shows in 700 square feet of gallery space.

735067_474019709331280_645287974_nOur Kaka’ako  /660 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite #148 /Honolulu, HI 96813/ 808-545-4835 — Our Kaka’ako is a community. Our Kaka’ako encompasses nine city blocks in the heart of Kaka’ako centered around the arts, culture and creative hub on Auahi, Keawe and Coral streets. It’s an emerging epicenter for Hawaii’s urban-island culture that is an incubator for a variety of artists, chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs. Rooted in Hawaiian cultural values, Our Kakaako is built on empowering creativity, cultivating innovation and building a truly unique, local community.

369376425_640Kamehameha Schools / 1887 Makuakane St / Honolulu, HI 96817/ 808- 842-8211 — formerly called Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate, is a private college-preparatory school in Hawaiʻi serving students from preschool to grade 12. Founded and endowed by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

kamehamehaschools_logoLana Lane Studios / Lana Lane / Honolulu, HI 96813– A community artists’ studio space founded on the philosophy of networking and collaboration through education. Headquarters of Pow Wow Hawaii.

c9acb86474aa11e282c522000a1fa433_7Nā Mea Hawai’i /1050 Ala Moana Blvd/ Honolulu, HI 96815/808-597-8967 — a gathering space, workshop, studio and retail.  A place for learning, and making, a place of exchange.  We continue to only feature locally made products alongside culturally grounded practices, and books, CDs and DVDS about Hawai’i and the Pacific.  Please, wander, enjoy, ask questions, make a new friend, come back, often.  There is no hands off area– we are all hands on.

na_20mea_20hawaiiPacific Alliance to Stop Slavery /4348 Waialae Ave Suite #307/Honolulu, HI 96816/ 808-343-5056 — a Hawaii-based not-for-profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to stop Human-Trafficking in Hawaii and the Pacific. PASS provides services and advocacy for survivors of Human-Trafficking, education and training on the identification of victims of Human-Trafficking, and public awareness and prevention education for the greater community.PASS works holistically to combat Human-Trafficking, building alliances with public interest legal services, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), churches, non-profit community organizations, domestic violence shelters, educational institutions, and law enforcement.

72683PASSPapakolea Community Center / 2150 Tantalus Drive, Honolulu, HI/ — Papakōlea has a rich and unique history as one of the first homestead communities designated under the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1921. We are home to the largest concentration of Native Hawaiians in urban Honolulu, with eighty-five percent of residents being full or part-Hawaiian. Many of the elders have passed on a legacy of community pride and involvement to the younger generations. Here in Papakōlea there is a long history of community participation to improve the lives of our children and their families.

cropped-Papakolea-panorama-webPermablitz Hawaii — Permablitz (noun):  “Blitz”, from the german for lightening, means a focused application of energy. A permablitz is when that energy is focused on installing part of a permaculture system. “Perma” is short for permaculture, which is a design system for sustainable living and land use. As a comprehensive design system, permaculture includes much more than organic food gardening. Growing at least some of our food where we live, however, has always been a central emphasis within the broader picture of permaculture.

946513_570139959686499_563541908_nPili Hawai’i /PO Box 61676 / Honolulu, HI 96839/ 808- 240-1096 ext. 1 — Pili: “To cling, associate with, connect, close relationship with.” -Pukui. Community. Education. Food. All intertwined, in no particular order. Pili’s mission is to provide “thoughtful” food, meaning that attention to place-based resourcing is crucial. Sourcing within the Ahupua`a of an event as well as seeking out the best that Hawai`i has to offer is a core value of Pili. As each project is unique, we strive to create food that says so.

7963492380_d57bfbc6b8_bPOW WOW Hawai’i / Kaka’ako/ Honolulu, HI 96813 — POW! – It’s the impact that art has on a person. A literal punch in the face.WOW! – It’s reaction that art has on a viewer. A sense of awe and wonderment.Together they form POW WOW, which is a Native American term that describes a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art. Now imagine for a moment a contemporary form of the gathering which brings internationally and locally renowned artists to one place. A place that will allow them to do what they do best: be creative. We give them the tools, the space and the freedom to create. We make that process open to the public, allowing them full engagement and interaction between the artists and their audience. They witness the creativity in its entirety and become an essential part of the artists’ process. It’s about the breaking down of those closed doors and making art accessible. Now take a step further and imagine transforming a whole neighborhood with art within a week. Seeing creativity happen all around you from beginning to end and bringing people together through the act of putting paint on surface.A POW! WOW!

Pow-Wow-Hawaii-2013-featureR&D / 691 Auahi St / Honolulu, HI 96813 — is a curated bookstore, coffee shop and workspace featuring educational programs that provide a platform for creatives to show their work and explore the intersections of creativity and innovation.

rnd_mainStreet Grindz / 324 Coral St / Honolulu, HI 96813 / 808-532-4265 — Street Grindz, where your eatz meet the streetz. An events production company behind the monthly Eat the Street and Honolulu Night Market in Kakaako events.

382282_230018287060401_1471709623_nTaste / 667 Auahi St / Honolulu, HI 96813 —  We are glad you decided to join us on our culinary journey. We aren’t your usual restaurant. We view TASTE more like a community space for people like you to connect with the culinary world.We are NOT a fast food restaurant.Some people refer to us as a permanent pop-up because each day we welcome a new face to the kitchen which gives you the opportunity to try something new right here in our little space. Like all new things that are coming into fruition, things may take a little longer than usual.Our guest chefs are new to this little kitchen and are often testing out a first time recipe so please help us encourage them to explore their talent by sharing your patience with them. We hope it will most always be worth it for you and our new chefs.


Under My Umbrella / 675 Auahi St / Honolulu, HI 96813/ 808-240-1096– At Under My Umbrella (UMU), there are no prefab cookie-cutter solutions — only unique clients, well-defined goals and customized road maps to success. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel— we’ll help your organization fly! UMU offers all the public relations, marketing, event planning and consulting services you’d expect, and some you might not. Our nimble UMU team is hand-selected. Our clients are carefully chosen too. As a result, we maintain that synergy that makes us so good at what we do. From our staff to our clients, we view everyone “Under Our Umbrella” as family and we feel that is the best kind of networking you can have.


Young Nation / 1111 Fort Street /Detroit, MI 48888/ 313-111-1111 — Young Nation’s mission is to promote holistic development of youth in urban settings through building relationships, community education, and passion-driven projects. Young Nation believes in the vision that quality, culturally and developmentally competent programs for youth can develop, grow, and flourish in our urban communities with minimal and efficient investment of limited resources and liberal investment of value created from participation in social networks.

gallery-approach-13Youth Speaks Hawai’i/Pacific Tongues / 1159 Nu`uanu Ave/ Honolulu, HI 96817/ 808-306-7197– a program of non-profit Pacific Tongues, supported by the Hawai`i Arts Alliance, promotes teen literacy and civic engagement through the performance art of slam poetry by offering weekly writing workshops, hosting monthly poetry slams and open mics, organizing interscholastic poetry slams, and sending a youth team to national competition every summer. Our writing workshops reach over 1,000 students every year, and our monthly poetry slams and open mics attract over 600 guests a year.


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