808 Urban's Mai'a Project Workshop Series

808 Urban’s Mai’a Project Workshop Series

The next Mai’a Workshop Series will take place in 2013. Stay tuned for exact dates.



The Mai’a Project has a social entrepreneurial focus, engaging youth to work with 808 Urban’s organizational partners to design custom merchandise lines through a series of arts-education workshops. Youth become community educators and improve their arts skills through the process of communicating visual solutions for local issues.


Our first Mai’a Project was a 12 week long summer program and females only. In partnership with Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS) we brought awareness to the very real issue of Hawai’i’s sex trafficking problem. Youth and educating artists collaborated on merchandise designs that educate the public and support survivors of sex-trafficking by instilling empowerment and healing into the products we made. As young at-risk girls in Hawai’i are targeted victims, this project plays a crucial role in engaging our group of female youth to continue educating among their peers about this issue.




  1. Sex Trafficking is a $62 billion a year industry
  2. The average age of a sex-trafficked victim is 13 years old, their average life span after being trafficked is 6 years
  3. Human Trafficking is the 2nd highest lucrative criminal activity in the world, surpassing illegal arms dealing and second only to international drug trafficking
  4. Hawai’i is home to hundreds of sex trafficked victims, many of these are local girls with ustable family backgrounds that are manipulated into the trade
  5. Hawai’i’s issue is a result of a tourist-based economy looking to capitalize on the market of male travelers and transient military personnel
  6. It is common for new recruits to be beaten, brainwashed, gang raped, and addicted to drugs as a part of the established protocol-through-fear that pimps/traffickers use to control what they deem to be their “property”


Please support our youth in becoming educators and leaders in real community issues!  808 Urban is able to offer FREE urban arts and culture workshops to Hawai’i’s youth because of community support. All donations go towards empowering Hawai’i’s up and coming youth leaders to become cultural, community-minded artists and grassroots organizers.

Supply donations provide art supplies for workshops.  The community is encouraged to “sponsor” youth by giving art stipends. Used and working supplies and equipment is always encouraged and accepted


Laptop Computers (for youth to use that can’t afford their own)
Go-Pro Cameras & Accessories (We need video cameras to record our projects to share with the community)
Fabric- (1+ yards needed)
Blank Tshirts (Men’s and Women’s)
Sewing Thread (all colors)
Sewing Machines (machines that can sew stretch fabric and are in good condition)
Sewing Elastic (1+ yards)
Sewing Scissors
Paper Scissors
Markers (Sharpie, Prismacolor, Micron)
Paint (Acrylic, Fabric)
Paint Brushes (all kinds & sizes)
Fabric Markers
Xacto Knives #11
Xacto Blades #11
Storage Bins
Respirators (for mural projects)
Folding Tables (we really need these! Preferably the heavy-duty collapsible models)
Folding Chairs

Please coordinate with Sierra via email sierra@808urban.org or by phone at 808-283-3078 for drop off/pick up of supplies. 

We are located at:
808 Urban
683 Auahi St.
Honolulu, HI 96813