Junior Board "Diversity Mural" - Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

Junior Board “Diversity Mural” – Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

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In January 2013, our 808 Urban Junior Boards kicked off Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 by painting a collaborative mural representing the diversity of Hawaii.

by Lisa Kusaka – Team Leader, Punahou Junior Board

This wall was 808 Urban Jr. Board’s contribution to Pow Wow 2013.  We wanted to highlight the different cultures that we see in our islands, and to celebrate how they all come together to create a diverse, yet harmonious community.  The owl, or pu’eo, is one of the major Hawaiian aumakuas.  It is looking towards the sun, which is painted the way it is depicted in Filipino culture.  On the right there is a Portuguese woman holding an ukulele, since the Portuguese introduced the instrument to our islands.  She is surrounded by bamboo, a type of grass that is associated with the Chinese culture.  Bamboo is known for it’s strength, as it may bend in the wind but never break.  On the left we represented the Samoan culture with a Samoan man wearing a traditional red lei, and blowing a conch shell.  The towering wave in the background is a testament to the Japanese, as it is painted in Japanese wood block print style.  In the background we incorporated a Vietnamese pattern to pull everything together.

The Diversity Mural was a collaborative effort between Waipahu, Punahou, Roosevelt, and Kamehameha Junior Boards.