Inspiration: City of Gold Urban Arts Festival // Johannesburg,South Africa

Cruising around on graffiti blogs, I stumbled upon this awesome event called City of Gold in Johannesburg, South Africa strikingly similar to Pow! Wow! Hawai’i . This year was the 3rd annual City Of Gold Urban Art Festival in Johannesburg South Africa from 7th-13th April 2013, the aim of the event is to establish Johannesburg as a destination for graffiti and street artists from around the world and assist the development of the local graffiti/street art community. In addition, this the festival seeks to highlight the positive aspects of this art form as well as involving the general public to create a heightened awareness and appreciation for it. Various events will take place at different locations in the city of Jo’burg which showcase the finest in both international and local artists. The individual events and mural projects will attempt to activate and enhance sites in the Johannesburg CBD that are often feared or forgotten by the city’s inhabitants. The individual elements that make up the week long festival include: An exhibition, large-scale mural projects, film-screenings, and street art tours through Troyeville, Newtown, and Braamfontein. Maybe next year we’ll be blogging from South Africa yeah? :)


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