808 Urban is a grassroots organization that has been offering FREE urban arts programming and events to the Hawaiian community since 2006.  We are now reaching out for your support to help us fulfill the next phase of our vision. Mahalo.


100% of Junior Board members say that 808 Urban has contributed to their desire to improve their community through their future career path.

95% of Junior Board members plan to attend college.

75% of those planning to attend college want to live and work in Hawaii after they graduate.

91% of Junior Board members say they have made connections with a positive adult role model.


88% of Junior Board members are using 808 Urban as part of their college applications.

85% of Junior Board members are using 808 Urban as part of their applications to college, jobs and internships.

100% of Junior Board members say they are gaining real world skills and learning what it takes to be a working artist and/or professional in their field of interest.


86% of Junior Board members say they are learning how to resolve conflicts within their team.

86% of Junior Board members say they are learning about leadership and how to develop a board structure.

91% of Junior Board members say that 808 Urban provides an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their opinions and feelings.

95% of Junior Board members report that their drug and alcohol use has decreased or remained the same since they joined 808 Urban.


“I just loved art the moment I tried it when I was little, and I never stopped.  Over time, after meeting other artists and learning from art teachers, they’ve pushed me to keep going and challenging myself.”

“808 has taken me farther than anything I had ever imagined for myself. Art has become a huge part of my life now.”

“John Prime is my biggest inspiration. His story, his journey, his ideas and values are what have pushed me to grow how I have in the past year.”

“808 Urban has brought me to a community where I feel like I don’t have to worry about what people think of me.”

“The people I met here really pushed me to fight for social justice and equality.  It has also taught me to become very independent and to take on a lot more initiative during projects.  808 Urban really helped me to find heart within the culture of Hawaii, graffiti, and my community.”

“I would just love to be able to come back to Hawai’i, especially my home island Moloka’i, and just help heal our people who need it the most in whatever way I can help. If that way to heal is art, I’m in.”

“I was really moved by the Youth Roots and Justice retreat we just had. Everyone there was just so inspiring, and I came away with so much energy to do something for our world. I feel like I have a purpose now, being the youth, to carry on these activists missions, and make sure their messages live on.”

“I have a place outside school where I can channel art… I’ve learned how to collaborate with other artists, and I’ve met people from other schools and it’s helped to break down a lot of stereotypes. It’s also helped me get better at organizing and planning events, and leading a group.”

“Art has been a continuous aspect in my life for as long as I can remember…  Music, film & digital photography, printmaking, ceramics, doodling, writing, are forms of art that I have found and continue to find healing in with each coming day.”

“Getting bullied by my family is what pushed me to art. a 3 year old child up [against] six 9 year olds getting bullied almost everyday, no parents help. so i found art a good way to escape, to cope. making my own world and own things. it helped me get through a lot.”

“I’ve been involved in art for a long time but it got really serious this past year with the help of 808 Urban.”

“I’m either going to an art school or major in art after high school.  I don’t have an ideal job in mind, although since joining 808 Urban I’ve been leaning towards being more involved with the community and working with youth.”

“808 Urban helped me have a place to fit in and be a better artist.”

“I now have a nice community of friends and people who are all passionate for art. Before 808 Urban I didn’t really have that.”

“808 Urban gives me a sense of family, openness and free expression, which I honestly don’t usually get from my own family.”

“808 Urban has given me something to work towards.”

“808 Urban has also allowed me to see and understand a lot more of the art community and business in general.”

“I really want to make changes in the community, and want to use my art to do so. Maybe not through murals since I’m not very good at spray paint, but find a way to use my paintings to improve people’s thinking.”

“808 Urban was the experience that introduced me to street art.”

“At Pow! Wow! Hawaii I learned a lot from watching the artists paint. It was also really neat to meet these well known and amazing artists from all over the world.”

“The ‘Ekahi Event greatly pushed my team and I to take initiative and to become strong. It was super fulfilling because we were able to pull off a beautiful mural and event with the little experience we had.  The community that came together for the unveiling was a very beautiful thing to see.”

“808 Urban has helped me with my time management skills. It has also taught me about culture, my community, and the essence of giving back.”

“808 Urban has opened up my eyes, mind, and heart in so many ways. I have made so many friends, met so many amazing people, and made connections and relationships that are so rich and full of life and love. It definitely has helped me to do so much healing for me within and really has helped my sense of self to grow and thrive.”

“I got to meet all the different artists from around the world and see them work. 808 Urban opened my eyes that art can literally bring people together.”

“I am just so in love with everything Youth Roots and Justice stands for. The people it has brought together and keeps bringing together blows me away. It is the last project I’ll get to be involved in before I ship off to Northern Cali for college and I have just invested so much of myself into it, I believe we can shift the world towards something better by finishing this project strong.”

“You get to experience first hand what actual artists do and get to help them out and be a part of society.”

“I actually felt like I was doing something good, something that showed what a group of people can really do.”

“The Kuhio Mini Park Restoration Project was a fun time of really getting to know people and to be able to showcase something I think I somewhat excel in: Hawaiian history. It was the experience that introduced me to street art.”

“808 Urban is keeping me out of trouble and getting my mind off the streets.”

“808 Urban taught me that just tagging aint gonna get you anywhere.”

“808 Urban has strengthened my relationship with people, gave me something positive to do with my life, helped me understand that there is more to art than just my ego, helped mold me into a better human being.”


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    Currently, tax deductible donations are being hosted by the Pu'uhonua Society, in which 808 Urban receives 95% of all processed payments.


    If donating by check, please read the following directions and skip the "Billing Information" section to submit: Write checks out to "Pu'uhonua Society". Be sure to note at the bottom of check that is for "808 URBAN FUND". Send checks to: Pu'uhonua Society ATT: 808 URBAN FUND 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 1000 Honolulu, HI 96814

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